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Issue Rules for the Students :

  • Confined book(s) cannot be issued.
  • Every student can borrow book(s) by his/her borrower’s card.
  • One can borrow only three books at a time (any time authority can change it).
  • One can borrow a book for a period of 15 days for their concerned course, and then he has to return the book for another library user. At the next day if the book is available then s/he can borrow it for further use.
  • Borrowers and readers are advised to inspect books issued to them at the time of issue and to call the attention of the Library Assistant to any defects, marginal notes, etc. The borrower shall be liable to replace at his own expense if any lost or damaged or annotated by him/her. If the volume is lost or damaged in forms partly of a set and cannot be replaced without the whole set being replaced, the borrower shall replace the whole set. The damaged book or set in question shall then become the property of the borrower.
  • Students should be confirmed that the receipts are cancelled in the cards in his/her presence.
  • Book borrowers will be served on a first-come-first serve basis. Patience at the issue desk in required for smooth services.
  • Borrowers must return their issued books before their expiry date.
  • If someone fails to return the books within the due date s/he is to pay fine daily 'Five taka (5 Taka)' Per day per book basis (Authority`s decision is final).
  • Those books which have high demand but their number are limited can be issued by the students only for 7 (seven) days and cannot be renewed by the same student (the student will be able to borrow it again after the book being taken by all the related students at least once a time.

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