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Collection Overview

Prime University Library's collections encompass a rich and varied universe of printed volumes, digital resources, maps, media etc. The Library's collection continues growing at a rapid pace.

Subject Strengths :

The Library has comprehensive collections to meet the needs of its users. The Library provides a variety of services designed to support students, faculty members, researchers, and staff members of Prime University. The PU Library develops and maintains extensive print and e-resources to support the research, teaching and learning activities of the University. The core collections encompass subjects in computer, ICT, electronic materials, mechanical, civil and environmental engineering, mass communication, business, banking and accounting, History, Literature, humanities, art and design, biological and life sciences, Bangladesh studies, Law etc.

The Library has extensive holdings including print collections (collections are mostly open access), e-resources collection include e-journals, e-books, e-research reports, e-conference papers, e-proceedings etc. in full text. The information sources are easily accessible, relevant, reliable and of high quality.

Library Collections at a glimpse

  Type   Quantity (as on )
  Books   29500   Copies
  E-resources Database (subscribed and Registered)   10+   Databases
  Print Journal/Periodicals/Magazines   315+   Titles
  Report/Thesis   800+   Titles
  CD/DVD ROMs   565+   Copies
  Online Journals   35000+   Titles
  E-books   45000+   Titles
  Other PU Publications (Newsletters, Bulletins, Journals, Annual Reports etc.)   700+   Copies

Department wise collection strength of hard copy books -

  Department   Number of Copies   Number of Titles
  Law   10520   572
  Business Administration   5844   289
  Electrical & Electronic Engineering   2820   220
  Computer Science and Engineering   2850   572
  English   2519   621
  Education   154   64
  Bangla Literature   501   287
  Biography   27   27
  Miscellaneous   764   537
  History of Bangladesh   308   308
  Statistics   125   14
  Economics   459   49
  Dictionary   198   58
  Social Science   369   74
  Mathematics   521   31
  Physics   183   20
  Chemistry   38   03
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About us

Prime University is one of the leading private Universities of the country. A group of educationists and philanthropists has established this institute of higher studies with an aim to create knowledge based society in the year 2002. The University grants Commissions and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh accorded permission to establish this magnificent institute.

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since inception in 2002 to 31st January 2017)